In a manuscript of the late thirteenth century . our name is mentioned as ” Ripatransonis “, the ” repair ” of Transone , personal name of Germanic origin . The town is in fact born from the unification of four castles in 1198 to the Transone family or Dransone . Ripatransone is an art city with numerous museums , lives off tourism, furniture and farming , emerging in the production of oil and wine . It is called the Belvedere Piceno for the wide panoramic view it offers.

Known as the Belvedere del Piceno Ripatransone has unmatched views that stretch from the Gran Sasso Monti Sibillini , the Conero and Gargano , to the Dalmatian coast . Inhabited since prehistoric times , it was an important center of civilization Piceno (IX -III century BC) due to its location inaccessible. In later times its importance grew up to be elevated to episcopal city in 1571.

One of its main features is the rich historical and artistic heritage is recognized and felt by its citizens to whom we owe the founding of the Museum since 1877.

Today Ripatransone has several museums and collections filled in a unique museum complex which includes its museums, the historical archive , a rich library , the Archaeological Museum , the collections such as the Art Gallery of Palazzo Bonomi ( works by Crivelli , Fazzini , etc.). , gipsoteca One Gera, museum of the Risorgimento and ethnographic museum in the world with curiosity.