Montalto Marche

Montalto delle Marche (also called Montalto Marche), home of the Peretti family whose son is known as Pope Sixtus V, and is situated between the valleys of the Tesino , 512 meters above sea level , in the heart of the hilly area of Piceno. At the center of the town is dominated by the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta which is the setting for a superb panorama characterized by relaxing hills , clear blue sea and the attractive beauty of the Sibillini Mountains . The central position of Montalto delle Marche has already enhanced the Middle Ages by Benedictine monks of Farfa who elect the Convent of S. Augustine to Headquarters Provincial Congregations of the 15 lands of the Garrison Farfense . The history of the town of Marche is testified by its numerous museums : the Archaeological Museum ( housed in the building of Deans built by Pope Sixtus V between 1587 to 1588 as the seat of the government of the State of Montalto and in which, through the documentation of materials are retraced the various historical periods ) , the Museum of Prisons, the Ethnographic Museum, the Art Gallery and the Museum Sistine Diocesan dedicated to the figure of Sixtus V. There are many events that enliven Montalto delle Marche and the villages of Porchia , Valdaso and Patrignone among which the impressive night of witches and goblins, and the Fair Market Sistine Novalia and the Market dedicated to products and local specialties.