Monsampolo del Tronto

At just 20km from Ascoli Piceno , 12 km from S. Benedetto del Tronto and just 2 km from the SS . # 4 Salaria , Monsampolo del Tronto has a beautiful view overlooking the valley of the Tronto , opens on the Piceno hills , the Sibillini Mountains, the Gran Sasso mountain and the Adriatic. Consisting of approximately 3/4 of the hill and 1/4 plain is located on the left side of the river Tronto.

The name originated agiotoponimica , Monti Sancti Pauli (1100 ) , alludes to the holder of the first castle church from which the town took its name. The inhabited , construct almost triangular in shape , stands on a hill very pleasing . The earliest traces of human life dating back to prehistoric times. Artifacts found in Contrada Treazzano testify contacts made by the indigenous settlements with the Mycenaean Civilization (1250-1100 BC. ) . The first written submission dates back to 1031 years in which a wealthy landowner , Giso Alberto , donated to the Church fermana half of the territory of Monsampolo together with the Church of St. Paul . S. Corradi in his ” Spelling vulgar “, published in Rome in 1646, traces the origins of Monsampolo the coming of a French knight , Monsù of St. Paul, on the grounds that at that time in the capital there were old documents that prove it.