Called the Pearl of the Adriatic, is located in the center of “Riviera delle Palme”, in the Marche. The beach of fine sand, the crystal clear waters gently sloping , green lush palm trees and white and pink oleanders in flower can only recall suggestions related to exotic destinations : Grottammare offers all this without going too far .

Grottammare overlooks the Adriatic coast between the green of its pine forests, orange groves and palm trees , with its golden beaches and the clear glow of the sea. Clean water , the sandy coastline , the charm of the picturesque views of the old town and the lush vegetation , a fresco of colors and scents forgotten that make our city unique .

Grottammare has ancient origins. There are traces of human dating back to Neolithic times. On its territory was discovered a necropolis dating back to picena VII -V century BC

Possession in the Middle Ages, the Abbey of Farfa , was given in Fermo in 1214 by Aldobrandino d’Este. Between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries was long disputed between Fermo and Ascoli . The current system of fortified walls dating back to the sixteenth century , characterized by violent disputes with neighboring communities and from pirate attacks .

From the eighteenth century began to expand towards the coast , whose urban plan , designed by the architect from Lombardy Peter Augustoni , you have to Pope Pius VI.