Ascoli Piceno

” Ascoli Piceno is one of the most beautiful small towns in Italy, and I do not see that the other looks like . André Gide the preferred … beautiful as some cities in the South of France , not so much for this or that monument, but for the whole, the quality anthology , the charm that comes from anything and everything. Is necessary to have walked , starting from Piazza del Popolo , Piazza Italian which together with that of San Marco in Venice gives more of an impression of the room, surrounded by arcades, closed by the wonderful apse of St. Francis …

Its historic center constructed almost entirely of travertine is among the most admired of the region of central Italy, by virtue of its rich artistic and architectural . Retains a variety of noble towers and bell and this is called the City of a hundred spiers . In it you will find the Renaissance Piazza del Popolo, considered among the most beautiful squares in Italy .

The city’s origins are shrouded in mystery , but it is pretty sure that there was a human presence from the Stone Age and that the area was already inhabited in the Neolithic period to the Italic peoples . According to a tradition Italic mentioned in ancient literature ( Strabo , Pliny , Festus ) the city was founded by a group of Sabines, who were led by a woodpecker, a bird sacred to Mars , during one of their migrations that ver sacrum . The Sabines would merge with other indigenous peoples , giving rise to the Piceno , including Ascoli in Roman times became the main center thanks to its location on the Via Salaria , which connected the salt marshes at the mouth of the Tiber to those of the Adriatic coast.